MWM TCG 2032 V16 Gas engine with steam generator (SOLD)

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MWM TCG 2032 V16 Gas Generator Set


( SOLD ) MWM TCG 2032 V16 together with steam and cold production 4.3 MW under warranty


( SOLD ) 

complete package for sale, please click image for additional pictures

MWM TCG 2032 V16 together with steam and cold production

Capacities, voltage: 4,3 MW electricity, 4,3 MW heat; 10 kV.

Year of manufacturing: 2011 (plant delivery completed in 2012)

Efficiencies: 43,5% electrical, 43,7% thermal (87,2% total).

Warranty: started 01.04.2012, will end 01.04.2014 (can be extended to full 2 years from the beginning of actual operation in agreement with the manufacturer MWM)

Used work hours: 0

Work hours till next major overhaul: 64 000

Steam generator: 1600 kW at 180 *C and 9,5 bar (possible to adjust to hot water)

Additional devices
Absorption cooler: 1600 kW at 12/5*C with open cooling tower
Compressors: cooling capacity 672 kW and 934 kW with cooler

Engine, generator and all the necessary equipment will be sold as one set. Steam generator, compressors, absorption chiller and open cooling tower can be bought separately.

None of the equipment has worked before and is new. All the necessary maintenance work has been carried out in order to maintain the equipment’s warranty.

Everything is assembled, therefore in case of purchase the equipment has to be dissembled and transported to the desired location. Assembling has been done in 2012.

Gas engine and genset basis scope of supply:
- engine, TCG 2032 V16
- generator 10 kV, AvK DIG 156 m/6
- Oil system
- 3-way valves
- instruments
- Oil vessels

CHP other equipment:

Chimney + Silencer

Economizer APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH + Boilers
10kV Switch, Siemens 3AE1125-2BE44-0EN2-Z E13
Intercooler + emergency cooler SCAG 253 09 06N5

Heat exchangers x 5
Pumps x 14 average 60 m3/h
Flow meters
Gas pressure reducer 1200 m3/h 4 bar 100 mbar + quick valve

Automation cabinet
Power supply cabinets 4 x 2000 kW
energy meters x 2

Cooling equipment:
Absorption York YIA 7D2 + cooling tower VXT 1125

Compressors, York YN SA SD S4 and York YN RD RD S3

1 x cooler SCAG 274 12 065N5

Engine TCG 2032 V16 data:
Electric power              4300 KW
Thermal output            4321 kW
Fuel consumption        9891 kW
Fuel                            Natural gas
Output voltage            10 000 V
Frequency                  50 Hz
Nox                            500 mg/me3
Electricity consumption    130 kW
Dry weight genset        49 000 kg
Year of production      2012

Generator AvK DIG 156 m/6:
Rating power Sn        5 336 kVA
Voltage                     10 000 V ±10%
Frequency                50 Hz
Cosφ                        0,8
In                             308 A
Poles                        6
Speed                      1000 /min
Power Pn                 4303 kWe

Steam generator APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH, SGC-33,7-1200-1600/4000-1H-1AA-V-16:
Power                     1606 kW
Steam temp            1820C
Steam pressure        9,5 bar
Flow rate:               2420 kg/h

Economizer, APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH, N-30-900/3000-1H-1AX-P:
Power                   634 kW (599 kW data sheet)

Steam condenser, APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH, U-XX-500/1700-2V:
Power                   2435 kW
Flow rate               3717 kg/h

Heat exchangers:

    Air/water heat exchangers:
a. Engine oil emergency chiller, Alfa Laval, SCAGE-222-09-06N5-H-132-1DN100-D.
b. Engine cooling system emergency chiller, Alfa Laval, SCAGE-253-09-06N5-H-132-1DN100-D.

    Oil/water heat exchangers:
a. Engine oil heat exchanger, Funke Wärmeaustauscher Apparatenbau GmbH, FP 40-177-1NH-0.

    Water/water heat exchangers:
a. Engine coolant heat exchanger, Tranter International AB, GXD-042-H-4-P-231-105462;
b. Emergency chiller contour heat exchanger, Tranter International AB, GXD-026-L-4-P-53-10545.

Absorption, YORK Johnson Controls, YIA 7D2:
Cooling capacity        1600 kW (2170 kW)
Chilled water temp    120C/50C (12,20C/6,70C data sheet)
Weight                      19 840 kg

Open Cooling tower, Baltimore, VXT 1125:
Cooling capacity        4 000 kW
Fan motors:               3x30 kW
Water usage:              max 9 m3
Weight                      16 490 kg

Compressors, York YN RD RD S3 and York YN SA SD S4:

Cooling capacity    York YN RD RD S3    York YN SA SD S4
                                  672 kW                   934 kW
Power                        145 kW                   177 kW
Op. weight                  5347 kg                  7408 kg

Coolers Alfa Laval:
Type                                                                             Cooling capacity, kW
SCAG 222 09 06N5 H132 1DN 100 (engine)              378
SCAG 253 09 06N5 H132 1DN 100 (engine)              1049
SCAG 274 12 06N5 H396 2DN 125 (compressors)    1833