TAURUS 60S T7301S 50Hz Dual Fuel 5.2MW

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TAURUS 60S T7301S 50Hz Dual Fuel 5.2MW


TAURUS 60S T7301S 50Hz Dual Fuel 5.2MW used 1998 new engine 2011 18000 hours


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Gas Turbine Solar Taurus 60 S, Solonox, dual fuel
Manufacturer: Solar Turbines INC, San Diego USA
Model: Taurus 60 with Solonox combustion,
Packager: Turbomach
Version: T 7301 S
Yoc: 1998
Operating hours Package: 100.000
Operating hours of turbine: 18.000 hours in total after new implementation in 2011.
Capacity: 5200 kW ISO 2314 Dry
Capacity Power: 6600 KVA,
Speed: 14.950 U/min continual
Fuel: Natural Gas and Diesel EL
Gas consumption: 12.530 kj/kw
Gas preprint: min. 15,0 bar, max. 24 bar
Diesel preprint: min. 1,5 bar, max. 3,5 bar
Burners: 12
Start system: electro.hydraulic, 90 kW
Degree of efficiency: 97%
Outlet temperature: 1250 degrees
Air strainer volume: 60.000 cubic metres
O&M contract Turbomach
Dimensions: longitudinal-and transverse-force bases
Turbine: 9m x 2,2m x 2,8m = 33 tons
Strainer: 4m x 2,9m x 3,8m = 4,8 tons
Insulating dome: 9m x 2,2m x 3,25m = 7 tons
Gearbox: Solar, 2 stages
Coupling: Maina, type Go-8AS.MM
Manufacturer: Leroy Somer
Type: LSA 56 BUL85/4P
Power output: 5.900 kVA
Cos.phi 0,8
Voltage 10.5 kV
Frequency 50 Hz
Speed 1.500 rpm

Construction IM1001
Security IP 23
Weight approx. 13.8 tons
Air Filters
Cooling air system filters, silencers, ventilators
Exhaust gas system tube to boiler, silencer
Fire protection system
Control system TTS 3 (yoc 2007)
AC system 400 / 230VAC-distribution
DC system 24 VDC distribution
Manufacturer Standardkessel
Type waste heat boiler HDAH81-00 (water)
Yoc 1999
Max. steam production 12 t/h
Max. working pressure 16 bar
Max. operating temp. 215°C
Normal operating temp. 210°C
Feed water regulation
VPT Gas compressor
Chimney 45 m.