SOLAR CENTAUR T5701 Dual Fuel 60 hz genset

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CENTAUR T5701 Genset 60 Hz


SOLAR CENTAUR T5701 Dual Fuel GenSet 60 Hz for sale


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3500 KW, 60 Hz, T-5701 CENTAUR SOLAR:
Gas Turbine
Manufacturer Solar
Model T-5701
Year of manufacture 1987
Serial Number HG87545
Assembly # 2-60311
Output 3,500 KW electric dry
Fuel Dual Fuel Gas / Liquid
Number of shaft 1
Total Current Hours 26,508 Est.
Reduction Gearbox:
Part Number 136600-204-950
Serial Number J91-48
Total Current Hours 26,508 Est.
Manufacturer Ideal Electric
Part Number 156683-1
Serial Number 337487
Rating 3,500 KW
Voltage 13,200

1. "As Is" immediately
2. Payment Terms: Due Prior to loading
3. Customer responsible for loading costs.
4. Subject to Prior Sale.
5. Additional Equipment:
A. PLC Turbotronic Controls
B. Oil Coolers 2 ea.
C. Exhaust Bellows / Located on engine.
D. Battery Charger
E. Gen to RGB Coupling