81.3 MW Heavy Fuel Based, 5 X 16 MW Wartsila 18V46

Item #
Wartsila 18V46 5 units


SOLD - Wartsila 18V46 engines 16MW each 81.3 MW Heavy Fuel Based, DG Power Plant 5 X 16 MW sets, 11kv



81.3 (5 X 16.26) MW Heavy Fuel based, DG Power Plant in excellent operating condition is for sale.  The operating assets would comprise of the main power plant, the balance of plant equipment, fuel tankages, switchyard equipment and associated auxiliaries

Key Features:

Available five sets of Wartsila make 18V46 Engines of capacity 16.26 MW each, dovetailed with PLC

based condition monitoring and equipment protection system.

Power is generated at 11kV at the generator terminals and is presently stepped up to 110 kV by two 58 MVA

transformers and evacuated by two 110 kV transmission lines.

Major Equipment


1. Diesel Generator Set

a. Diesel Engine Technical Specifications Engine Type 18V46

Year of Manufacturing 1999

Output 16763 KW

RPM 500

Direction of Rotation CW

Wartsila NSD Finland, Turku Factory

b. Alternator Technical Specifications

Make ABB

Type Synchronous Generator

Model AMG 1600SS12

Rating 19300 KVA

Duty S1, PF-0.85, IC-0A1

Other Technical Details RPM-500 (nr-600), IM-7201

V-11000, IP-23, AMP-1013

IEC-34-1, HZ-50, INSUL-F

Excitor 105V,9.6A, KG-56500

Ambient Temp +50 degree C


Diesel Engine #    Diesel Eng.Sr.#  Running hours    Alternator Sr. No.

                                                            as on 30.07.2012

Engine No - 1        91150                  46,360                     4564106

Engine No - 2        91151                 43,820                     4564108

Engine No - 3        91152                 43,405                     4564107

Engine No - 4        91207                 43,141                     4564104

Engine No – 5       91208                46,136                      45641052.


Major Balance of Equipments at the Existing Plant Site*

a. Air Compressor (30 bar)        Spherre              2 in Number

b. HFO Separators                     Westfalia            4 in Number

c. Lube Oil Separators               Westfalia            5 in Number

d. Heat Recovery boilers            Thermax            3 in Number

e. Oil Fired Boilers                      Thermax            1 in Number

f. DM Plant                                  

g. Make Up Water Pumps                         2 in Number

h. Fire Hydrant Pumps               

i. 250 kVA Emergency DG set   Cummins          1 in Number

j. Cooling Tower                         

k. Cooling Water Pumps                                        6 in Number

l. 58 MVA Transformers                                         2 in Number

m. Switch Yard Breaker                                        4 in Number

n. 11 kV MV Breakers ABB 6 in Number