Co 2 Dry Ice


Steam - Gas – Turbines – Generators
For major outage service or routine maintenance service please contact us.


CO2 Dry Ice Blasting is safe, non-toxic, non-flammable non-conductive, and approved for industrial use by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Federal Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.
CO2 Dry Ice Blasting is a safe and environmentally responsible cleaning method during major outages or general maintenance schedules.

Labor costs, workers' compensation, and environmental requirements are only a few examples of the burden many turbine equipment operators experience. 

It is important to find and utilize new technology that relieves these burdens. 

CO2 Dry Ice Blasting requires no disassemble of equipment or Fixtures, no rinsing and no re-greasing.

Turbine2.jpgCO2 Dry Ice Blasting is a cost effective means of reducing your overhead.

General Cleaning Services during outage or maintenance apply to:

  •   Blasting and Coating
  •   Turbines
  •   Trucks, Engines, Boilers, Tanks
  •   Co-Generators
  •   High Polished Molds
  •   Hydro-Electric Generators
  •   Etc.
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Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

  •  NO Residual chemicals
  •  NO Residual abrasives
  •  NO Residues of any kind
  •  NO Excessive moisture
  •  NO Additional mess to clean up
  •  NO Hazardous materials to dispose of
  •  NO Headaches
  •  FAST on site service 24/7 all year
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